The Method Yoga for Golfers®


..focusing on the biomechanics of the body through the swing, it uses yoga postures to improve your balance and coordination to achieve a fluid and more controlled movement.



Any golfer must develop a solid lower body, a flexible upper body and strong core to help maintain the right angles during the rotation of the hips in order to release energy when striking. 

Yoga for golfers allows to increase the torso rotation for a better back-swing while minimizing discomforts and risk of injury. The common golf injury beeing low back pain (usually due to muscle strains and sprains).


The golf swing can easily be disrupted not only during the action by poor posture or poor grip,  but also during the preparation of the movement (pre-shot routine) and also during the periods of travel and waiting between shots.

It is, in fact, during these periods of time that the mind can generate thoughts that will interfere with the performance of the swing, the conscious takes over and disrupts the subconscious.


It is by learning how to quiet the mind through proper breathing techniques that it will be possible to disable all these parasitical thoughts to achieve focus and relaxation. To remain calm and act with clarity, self-confidence and not beeing disturbed by the outside elements.


The body is the mirror of the mind, therefore it is very important to have a relaxed mind to have a relaxed body

YFG Katherine Roberts Beatrice Martin

To Summerize

A regular Yoga for Golfers practice will allow to :

  • Improve flexibility and strength = which translates on the course by more distance and accuracy.

  • To have a better breathing technique = allowing to keep a calm mind and also to have a better tempo in the swing.

  • To get a better balance = giving more control in the ascent and descent phases of the swing and a good weight transfer.

  • Increase overall fitness = which will reduce the risk of injury and recovery time allowing golfers to play better, longer, with more confidence and enjoyment.



Your body is the 15th club in your golf bag , learn how to use it effectively !