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Beatrice Martin

From scuba-diving teacher to yoga teacher……for golfers ! 

Every golfer is unique, and I love helping you play better, more often, injury free by creating a Fitness & Mental Performance  program just for you.

Whether you’re a beginner, a junior, a regular golfer, or an elite player, my job is to work with you to help you reach your goals.


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After a marketing and management education followed by more than 30 years experience in the hospitality and tourism industries in parralel with her scuba-diving center in South Turkey, Beatrice Martin has also specialized over the years, in the practice of yoga. 



In 2005 she put her wetsuit and scuba tanks aside to unfold a yoga mat and started teaching this discipline.


She certified as a yoga teacher at YogaWorks, New York, under  Alan Finger education.

She deepen and completed her knowledge towards a more therapeutic practice taking an Ayurveda specialization in India.


Then in 2014, she continued her education with an advanced Yoga for Golfers training in Scottsdale, Arizona, alongside the famous Katherine Roberts.

Followed by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification.

Today she offers to accompany athletes, especially golfers, in their physical and mental preparation with her golf fitness and mental high performance programs.


Beatrice puts also her tourism experience at the service of La Haute Couture du Voyage and the Golf & Wine tours that she organizes in Biarritz, Bordeaux and abroad.


Back in France, since 2011, she chose to settle in the beautiful city of Biarritz.


Connecting the Mind and the Body for better awareness 

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