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Ilbarritz yoga for golfers

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yoga-bea yogaforgolfers Troon North Scottsdale

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Increase your physical and mental performances 

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Beatrice Martin

TPI Fitness & Medical Certified  USA

Yoga For Golfers®Teacher Certified from Katherine Roberts, Scottsdale, Arizona


            Yoga Teacher              Certified from Yoga-Works,       New-York


          Ayurveda Therapist        Certified from the Ayurveda College, Kannur, INDIA

​       The Method


Katherine Roberts's YOGA FOR GOLFERS® method is scientifically proven and globally-recognized. It is used by many PGA professionals and amateur golfers around the world since more than a decade.

​      TPI Certified


The Titleist Performance Institute uses a holistic approach to help golfers improve their performance.  With the TPI screen I will know how your movement restrictions are affecting your golf swing. Understanding a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws, will allow me to plan the right fitness program in order to have a personalized & efficient swing.



Improve your golf game by   optimizing your physical and mental performances.                   Increase the amplitude of your rotation from 20 to 40 %.

Prevent back pain and other specific golf related injuries.

Golf fitness and mental coaching on the fairways or via Zoom.

"Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course...

the space between your ears"
(Bobby Jones)